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Trees + Students + You Make Houston Cool
Trees provide an excellent centerpiece for learning about math and science, health, quality of life, environmental stewardship, civic involvement and community improvement. Students may also apply their knowledge of trees to other natural resources, including water conservation and renewable energy sources.

Houston Cool is an exciting, hands-on program that is ideally suited to student participation. Involvement in the program is open to all area schools and community centers; however, our ability to provide staff and resources is based on funding through a combination of donations, grants, and program funds.

Donations of time and money are necessary to make Houston Cool! Houston Cool is provided to after-school programs and community centers based on the availability of volunteers and college interns. Contact us at 713-667-6650 or by email, info @ houstoncool.org to learn more. [ DONATE HERE ]

The objective is simple: By planting trees, You Make Houston Cool.

Houston Cool provides college interns with science and urban planning backgrounds to schools in Houston's urban and industrial areas to help young students explore the benefits of trees. Students learn how trees help reduce the urban "heat island" effect and remove pollutants from the air. They use math and science to understand the processes and calculate the positive impact of trees. They incorporate urban planning and artistic skills to determine where trees will have the greatest impact on the aesthetics and quality of life of their neighborhood or school. With an approved plan, they plant the trees during a community celebration.

The student-determined plans and intended outcomes are shared with peer groups across the city to inspire a Houston Cool movement that is concerned with quality of life, health, environmental stewardship, beautification, civic pride and community improvement.

The program is part of Houston Institute for Culture's very successful media-based, hands-on youth education programs. In these programs, students utilize media tools, such as photography, digital storytelling and video, to engage the community and their peers about the most effective ideas to improve the world around them.

Consider further benefits of trees.

Contact Houston Cool, info @ houstoncool.org, to learn more. Houston Cool is a project of Houston Institute for Culture and Students for a Better Houston.    HOUSTON COOL HOME    Houston Cool on Facebook
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